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*Work Awaited: Work yet to be received.
*Waiting: Payment Accepted,Application in mandatory waiting period of one month(Copyright Act 1957).
*Documents not received, formality check failed: Documents/works not received only after making payment.
*Abandoned: Reply to Discrepancy letter issued not received/works not received after filing.
*Scrutiny: Application  is under process.
*Discrepant: Application is not in complete format a letter will be sent to you by Registered Post.
*Re-Scrutiny: Application is under process again with Reply sent by you.
*Pending for Hearing: Pending for Hearing.
*Hearing: Hearing on Objections.
*Sub-Judice: Pending decision of the competent court of law.
*Registered: ROC is Generated will be sent to you by Registered Post.
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